Flux Foreteller Ambassador Program

Join the community today as a Foreteller

Foreteller Expectations

At the core of every blockchain product, is the community. Our community is an extension of what we're building - a place for everyone and anybody, a place to learn and grow, a place to maximize your potential. ​Flux Protocol is recruiting Foretellers to jumpstart company growth and take part in the community.​ As a Foreteller, you will help both new and existing users understand our ecosystem, identify and connect with potential communities, organize and participate in regional events and hackathons, scale and grow with us.

Social Media Efforts

Engage with blockchain communities on social platforms to increase social media presence.

Testnet and Product Feedback

Test and provide feedback for Flux's ecosystem products and features.


Translating and creating content for regional communities on social media channels

Expand Our Footprint

Engage with partners' ecosystem as well as expanding our regional presence.

Benefits of Flux foretelling

Network with known opinion leaders in the space and expand your footprint in the industry

Earn Flux swags and network rewards
Be equipped with mission-critical tools to
support and grow your endeavors at
personal and network levels
Be the first to know Flux and its multi-
chain universe development up close and
personal, while helping us grow

Roles and tasks

Choose a role that fits well to you.

Content Creation
Regional Communities and Expansion
Developer Ecosystem
Partnership Outreach and Product Integration
Video Production
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