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The trust-less data layer

Flux is a cross-chain oracle aggregator that provides smart contracts with access to economically secure data feeds on anything.

Real world data in one integration

Flux provides smart contracts and applications with easy access to economically guaranteed data sources on-chain.

Price Feeds

Access price data on any public asset to create entirely new financial tools.

API data

Connect to APIs to create new use-case from esports markets to weather derivatives.

Arbitrary Data

Leverage wisdom of the crowd consensus to aggregate information on almost anything.


Flux seamlessly connects major oracles across crypto into one stream with economic guarantees.

An oracle from the future

Flux Oracle is optimized to scale to support a near infinite range of integrations.

Low transaction fees
Fast and secure data resolutions
Secured by economic guarantees

Optimized for cross-chain support

Deploy your protocol with confindence on leading layer ones and utilize Flux Oracle to ensure your community has best in class data.

Cross-chain validator security
We support all leading networks
1-on-1 support in our dev channel

Check out use cases that leverage Flux Oracle

There are 1,000s of different verticals across crypto that can leverage our oracle. Learn about a few integrations here.