About Flux

Flux is an open-source oracle that aims to become the data layer of all leading blockchains.

What drives Flux?

Open Source

All development of Flux Protocol by the Open Oracle Association is open-source without any limitations but on the code.


Flux's robust set of validators ensures that Flux is decentralized and tamper-resistant to any type of attack.


All data on Flux Oracle is transparent and easily accessible, no walled gardens, and no limitations to who can access data.

Community Driven

Flux is by the community for the community with all decisions and proposals submitted and approved by the Flux DAO.

Our mission

Our mission at Flux is to power the next generation of crypto native finance, giving everyone access to financial freedom.

Our story

Jasper and Peter began building in crypto separately in early 2017. Before starting Flux, Jasper began his development career developing blockchain proof of concepts for large dutch corporations, before transitioning to Plasma research under Finality Labs funded by the Ethereum Foundation. Before starting Flux, Peter founded EveryDapp.com the first platform for decentralized app curation and ranking, which provided users and developers with an easy platform to discover and publish new apps.

Jasper and Peter met at ETH Berlin 2018 and where they began working on the first application for derivatives on startups. This application was built on top of Ethereum, Augur, Maker, and 0x Protocol. It was during this process that they identified core problems in Augur, Chainlink's and Ethereum's performance, which would hinder any mainstream adoption.

Flux Protocol is built on top of leading layer one protocols like NEAR Protocol, funded by top investors like a16z, Pantera Capital, and Coinbase Ventures. By building on next generation layer ones, Flux is able to achieve mainstream capable scalability, best in class usability, and a category redefining oracle design.

Our Team

Jack Sawyer


Jameson Hodge


Aliaksandr Hudzilin


Rune Bentien


Philine Fechtner


Jascha Samadi

member of Open Oracle Association

Sonny Azeez

Growth Lead

Niteesh Settypalli

Head of Ecosystem

Franklin Waller


Jasper De Gooijer


Peter Mitchell