Our mission

To empower developers to control the data layer for web3

Our story

Jasper and Peter both began building in crypto separately in early 2017. In 2018 Jasper and Peter met through GitHub and connected at ETH Berlin 2018, where they began building the first app for derivatives on private startups. Following their experience building at the top of the product stack they began working on a cross-chain oracle built on NEAR.

Flux launched their oracle on Aurora and Near Protocol in March 2022 and grew to the second largest oracle with over $3.85 billion in total value secured just eight weeks after launch.

Flux is backed by top investors and has raised over $22 million from investors including Distributed Global, Coinbase Ventures, Coinfund, Reciporical, and more.

Meet the people behind
the product

Jasper De Gooijer
Peter Mitchell
Édouard de Weck
Chief Financial Officer
Franklin Waller
Jameson Hodge
Philine Fechtner
Operations Manager
Jack Sawyer
Head of Integrations
Saniya More
Head of Content Strategy
Stefan Rottler
Head of Business Development
Mario Cao
Head of Research
Mennat Abuelnaga
Megan Wilson
Chief of Staff
Jascha Samadi
Open Oracle Association
Markus Spillmann
Open Oracle Association
Rune Bentien
Aliaksandr Hudzilin