stocks reimagined.

Flux is optimized to power the next generation of  stock market derivatives.

Powering Stocks

Retail traders love the stock market, with current engagement levels reaching all time highs. On Flux Protocol you have the opportunity to take open-markets on companies, assets, and financial products to the next level:

In a short three lines of code, you can plug into the Flux SDK to create an open market on specific data points or reporting numbers of public companies, commodities, and other financial products typically traded in the stock market: Will Tesla production numbers increase in Quarter 4? Will Cacao exports from Brazil rise above 1% by the end of 2021? Will IBM have revenue above 3% at the release of its annual report?

Not only does Flux equip you with all of the tools you need to build and scale your market, but the protocol design also allows market creators to build in fees for themselves based on the amount of value traded on the market!

Start trading on the real story behind public companies today by building an App or launching a market about a public company on the Flux SDK!

Build on the Flux SDK
Resolution time for markets
30 mins
transactions per second
Cost per transaction
Lines of code to integrate with Flux

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