politics reimagined.

Flux is optimized to power the next generation of political markets.

Powering Politics

The 2020 United States Presidential Election was one of the largest prediction-events of all time, with over $600 million US Dollars placed on markets around the world. From congressional races, to referendums, global political markets remain in their infancy - while the stakes on each race remain high!

Flux offers developers a fully permission-less, decentralized, and non-custodial environment from which to create and monetize political markets: Above and beyond only the United States presidential elections, a new era of political betting means that markets on any election or any down ballot race can attract the interest of bettors from around the globe.

In three lines of code, you can start building your political marketplace using the Flux SDK: Select the parameters of your market, create an interactive user-interface, and build in a developer fee on the spread, to reap all of the benefits of an open-market in a fully non-custodial and decentralized manner!

Launch your political markets today!

Build on the Flux SDK
Resolution time for markets
30 mins
transactions per second
Cost per transaction
Lines of code to integrate with Flux

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