insurance reimagined.

Flux is optimized to power the next generation of  insurance markets.

Powering Insurance

The decentralized insurance revolution is only getting started - and Flux Protocol has all of the tools and features to scalably launch the insurance markets of tomorrow! Building a decentralized insurance market on Flux means that you will have access to one of the industry’s first permission-less and decentralized oracle’s that can securely connect real-world data to your marketplace.

In 3 lines of code you can connect to the Flux SDK, to offer any user access to an insurance market on any product funded by decentralized pools of liquidity. The best part of it? As a market creator or affiliate you can build in a fee for every trade made on your market.

Decentralized insurance holds the promise of offering new insurance products that can be rapidly paid out. Meanwhile, customizable policies on just about anything (weather damage, pandemic sickness, travel accidents, or simply healthcare) can be set at affordable prices without any insurance agency middleman.

Start building some of the world’s first decentralized insurance markets using the Flux SDK today!  

Build on the Flux SDK
Resolution time for markets
30 mins
transactions per second
Cost per transaction
Lines of code to integrate with Flux

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