esports reimagined.

Flux is optimized to power the next generation of esports engagement.

Powering eSports

Flux is the only protocol live today with a fully permission-less, decentralized and secure oracle powerful enough to deliver resolution data from any open game API with finality in 30 minutes or less.

eSports are a bustling $14 billion market, that is growing parabolically. In addition to extreme growth, users are located across the world, from unique backgrounds, which makes coordination with markets difficult in the centralized world. Games have a global user-base, and with Flux, so are your markets. With the Flux SDK, any developer can create skin in the game markets for users, teams, and tournaments in just a few seconds.

All trading on the Flux open source market mechanics are done with Stabecoins pegged to the US dollar. By using Stablecoins, any user regardless of location, can use the same stable currency for trading. The Flux SDK and open-source app are entirely non-custodial, which means as a developer you never interact with the collection, payment, or management of users funds or market

Create your awesome esports app today, with the Flux SDK!

Build on the Flux SDK
Resolution time for markets
30 mins
eSport teams building with Flux SDK
Cost per transaction
Lines of code to integrate with Flux

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