derivatives reimagined.

Flux is optimized to power the next generation of  derivative markets.

Powering Derivatives

Derivative markets refer to futures contracts or options that are based on other fundamental assets such as stock, commodities, bonds, or loan rates. The current size of derivative markets is valued at over $600 trillion US Dollars - across continents and financial markets! As one of the most rapidly growing financial products in the world, derivative markets have seen the highest growth of all financial market segments in recent years.

Flux Protocol offers developers and market creators alike the most complete set of tools for building derivative markets on any asset, event, or financial product: Enjoy decentralized liquidity pools, an Automated Market Maker (AMM), and fully-opened source documentation for quickly bringing your derivative market to life in three lines of code!

As a market creator you’ll be able to plug data on underlying assets into a fully permission-less, decentralized, and secure Oracle. For your users, the Flux Open-Source SDK is already available to quickly and easily pull derivative markets and related data into your application. With affiliate and creator fees built into the design of the protocol, first-movers in the derivative space have a huge opportunity to monetize one of the fastest growing financial market segments in the world!  

Get started today with Flux’s Open-Souce documentation.

Build on the Flux SDK
Resolution time for markets
30 mins
transactions per second
Cost per transaction
Lines of code to integrate with Flux

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