Solidity Engineer

Full time

About the role

As a Solidity Engineer, you'll be working on smart contract systems that power our oracle infrastrucure. You'll working on a crypto economic system designed to power as many use cases as possible with a strong focus on DeFi and (economic) security. You'll be working on the version of our oracle that's to be deployed to EVM compatible chains.

We highly encourage our engineering team to be deeply involved with future research and core protocol iterations.

You may be a fit for this role if:

  • You have extensive experience with Solidity
  • You've worked on complex systems with an emphasis on security
  • You've worked on smart contract systems that have been deployed to mainnet
  • You take initiative, are a team player, and a problem solver

Nice to have:

  • You are able to work up the stack (Node.js, Ethers.js, Web3.js, etc.)
  • You have experience or interested in picking up Rust to build on different VMs (like NEAR protocol or Solana)

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