data reimagined.

Flux is a scalable open data protocol providing on-chain data for any asset, commodity, or event. Easily connect to Flux with the open source SDK to enable scalable, permission-less data.

Flux is built using world class technology.

Scalable and permission-less

  • Connect to any off-chain data source
  • Censorship resistant
  • Optimized for API and arbitrary data
  • Resolve data request with finality in 30 minutes
Build on Flux
“Flux's oracle enables to create open esports markets in a totally automated way"

Ethan Chiasson
CEO & Co-Founder

Open-source tools

  • Open-source app - leverage the Flux oracle in minutes
  • Index-node - all Flux Oracle data at your fingertips
  • Flux SDK - connect any existing app to Flux
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